Osho’s meditational therapies are scientifically designed for modern-day men, in a way, where it helps one connect with one’s natural state of being. Osho has never claimed that his therapy is the ultimate solution, but they are the tools to help one get into the state of meditation, also, his therapies help one get rid of the blockages and tensions created by the mind, which was hindering the mind to sit silently and observe, and consciously know the root of trouble created by the mind. 

The therapies offered by Osho, are processes for liberating our energy, recharging essentialness and making space for quiet. They work vivaciously, bypassing the cognizant, insightful brain. They are thusly clear, unadulterated cycles where people are interfacing straightforwardly with their own energy, with next to no obstruction or intercession from a facilitator (besides in uncommon conditions where direction is required). And every one of them is essential meditation – even in the dynamic stage, one is in a second-to-second experience with oneself. 

There are 3 major therapies created by Osho 

No Mind 

Osho’s No Mind is a thoughtful treatment process, that is to be done for 2 hours every day for 7 days.  For the primary hour, we use hogwash to purge the brain of all trash, permitting, in the second hour, an extraordinary quietness to emerge from the inside.  

Osho initially presented the No-Mind meditation as a feature of his evening talks on Zen. Later on, it turned into a gathering cycle. Here is a selection from the discussion where Osho previously presented  the meditation:  

“The initial segment is jabber. The word ‘jabber’ comes from a Sufi spiritualist, Jabbar. Jabbar never communicated in any language, he just articulated rubbish. Still, he had a huge number of pupils since what he was saying was, “Your psyche is only hogwash. Set it to the side and you will have your very  own sample being.” 

Born Again 

An interaction made particularly by Osho to rediscover the newness and guiltlessness of childhood without going into mental issues. 

2 hours every day for 7 days. The principal hour is for going into your adolescence and doing what you generally needed to do. The subsequent hour is for sitting quietly like a kid.  

Osho has this to say about the initial segment of the interaction:  

“Recollect this: recover your childhood. Everybody aches for it yet nobody effectively recovers it.  Everybody yearns for it! Individuals continue saying that adolescence is heaven and artists continue composing sonnets about the magnificence of childhood. Who is forestalling you? Recover it! Make a  move to recover it. 

The Mystic Rose 

3 hours per day for 21 days  

Sharing our giggling, tears and quiet  

Osho says about it: “The image of the mystic rose is that, if a man deals with the seed he is brought into the world with, gives it the right soil, gives it the right air and the right vibrations, continues on a correct way where the seed can begin developing, then a definitive development represented as the Mystic  Rose: when your being blooms and opens every one of its petals and delivers its delightful scent.  

For the individuals who need to go further, I have decided to make another thoughtful treatment.  

This is totally my reflection. I have designed numerous meditations, yet maybe this will be the most fundamental and principal one.  

The Mystic Rose is the satisfaction of your inward being. 

Reminding yourself of the forgotten language of talking to your body and mind

An OSHO Meditative Therapy, in the early morning, one hour daily for seven days.  

A directed meditation cycle to help yourself to remember the failed to remember the language of  conversing with the brain and body  

“Individuals should be helped how to befriend the body”  

This directed meditation is a course of being helped to remember a language the greater part of us have neglected. It’s the language of speaking with your own body. To speak with the body, conversing with it, and paying attention to its messages has been the notable practice in antiquated Tibet. 

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