Love, What Is It ?

Love can only be born out of emptiness. Only a void is capable of merging with another void; only a zero can unite totally with another zero. Not two individuals, […]

Osho On Meditating On Your Sexuality

Question: I feel stuck. I feel I have an essential being inside which wants to get out. It feels a lot more alive and dangerous than the one I drag […]

Sex Is Necessity Is What People Say Now A Days?

Sex is necessity is what people say now a days, psychiatrist or even psychologist say the same thing, is it true is sex a necessity or is it optional?  Sex […]

Beloved Osho, What Is Love?

“Swami Anand Tallis, LOVE is the radiance, the fragrance of knowing oneself, of being oneself. Anand Tallis is very young – he is only nine – but he is far […]

Some Important Books Of Osho?

While there are more that 600 books on Osho’s discourses, preaching and life, these are the few  important and must reads.  Tarot in the spirit of Zen – An understanding of […]


You may not be sleeping well at night. Very few people are sleeping well, so when you have not slept well in the night you are a little tired… If […]


The thing which has been harmed the most in the development of human civilization is sleep. From the day man discovered artificial light, his sleep has become very troubled. And […]

How Do We Know This Is The Age That One Should Start Meditating?

Well, there is no age it is about maturity if children grow they drop their old toys they lose the joy in those toys that they played with when they […]

Why Do People In Love Suffer?

Normally there are two states of lovers. One who wants love and a Second who wants to share the love. Both suffer.  Givers suffer because he or she is unaware. […]