Sex is necessity is what people say now a days, psychiatrist or even psychologist say the same thing, is it true is sex a necessity or is it optional? 

Sex is natural phenomenon to procreate and process of good sneeze or process to experience orgasm. But now a days it has been absolute necessity like going to washroom or toilet. One has to rush to it and has no control over it. It will be helpful to understand why. 

Think about it as collection of energy we collect energy in our system at different levels, this energy is created by few things things by food, by sleep, by breathing, by thinking and by feeling or by directly focusing our attention to certain area of body. 

Like if one watches porn movie then attention goes to sex center and one may start feel urge to have sex, or one keeps touching his sex organs in certain way then one will start feeling urge to have sex or if someone keeps staring someone in certain area that will generate certain energy on that center of the other individual and this will cause energy to start activating there. 

Today psychologist and psychiatrist say that average man thinks of sex every 7 seconds. Another study says the men things 388-time days and women 140 time a day which I can bet if this study included number of times one thinks of meditation or unconditional love it will be 1 time in a month or less.  


One does not needs to go for just self-observe and see our own life from morning to evening why do we dress up what kind of dress we ware mostly it is focused on how hot or attractive will I look, when do we do our makeup what is going on in back of mind is it that what will Lacy or David my collage think on me when he or she sees me. If I am single, I would think am l going to look desirable to people around me then it sexual. I am going to gym to be healthy or attractive sexually, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong is looking sexually appealing but just food for thought is observe your day from beginning to end. You will find if our life is revolving around. 

Why is it happening so it is worth thinking and analyzing see we have first natural attraction by nature for opposite sex if a healthy person can keep dairy, he or she will know that few days a month one feels more desire to be sexually involved. From certain age to certain age human body secretes certain hormones they make as more sexual in nature then before puberty or after menopause if one has lived naturally. If not the things can be crazy. 

Now world we live in is not necessarily made to revolve around sex not to liberate us from clutches of hormones rather it has be created to exploit our natural tendencies. 

Start observing music, movies, clothes fashion, food and everything that we see around and our language and terms we use. If car is very good we say its sexy car, if a something very beautiful we say fucking beautiful. We don’t say this car is piece of art, we don’t say this is breath taking or if we do seldomly more commonly used language or term will be something related to sex. Like this is so hot now a days in market. This shows our minds are constantly being programmed to think of sex. We when see a beautiful women or handsome man we don’t say she or he is handsome we say he or she is so hot and even if we say beautiful or handsome, we are still thinking they are hot or sexy, also if one is addressed hot it is better complement then being called beautiful or handsome. This is what polite people will say they are thinking from hormone, or someone real will say he or she thinks form his pants even more straight froward one will say he thinks from dick or vagina. 

When we listen, see, think of sex so very much from every direction and if one feels deep urge to have sex in night just like a necessity and our psychologist and psychiatrist live in same world as we do. They too will say this is normal, but I tell you yes you have collected energy constantly on one center of life from all direction. Yes, sex becomes necessity because we collect so much energy on this center of life by end of week if we are not laid, we feel we are going crazy, or our head is going to explode. At that moment we are just ready to fuck the any one person or pillow whatever or whoever is available. 

But there is lifestyle of awareness and conscious, discriminately living to change this, that is what I call aware living so that we live in same world and not collect all energy on one center of energy rather we learn to live in heart, mind, knowledge, creativity, meditation, friendship, and sex not just sex.  Or at least one must learn transforming energy when you start day and transform it to next level as soon as you enter home then start before you start your evening. Now sex can be orgasmic not just a sneeze or urge to restroom sex.

One who is suffering from over sexuality there is couple very simple method if done for about 3 months one can be free from sex addiction. 

First method is to whenever one feel that sex urge is coming or it is taking over don’t be afraid just be calm and sit forcefully exhale totally don’t inhale, breath out and exhale totally and shrink belly pull it inward exhale so totally that your belly is totally empty. As soon as we create certain emptiness around belly you will feel certain upliftment of energy from sex center to naval region and you will feel sudden freshness and joy and relaxation. You will be full of energy and joyful suddenly as if you have come out of deep state of relaxation.  Whenever you can exhale totally your naval region will be emptied. As soon as it happens energy will move upwards, and you will feel the refreshing feeling.  This will be very beautiful feeling. This simplest method to transform sex energy to next level. Your energy moves to next level automatically with exhalation. If you do this constantly though out the day no one will even notice and energy will transform, if a person can do this for about 300 times a day just for few moments consciously exhaling and upsurge of energy, then just within few months one will be free from this deep desire or pull of sex, sex energy will remain, but sexual urges will disappear.  This is the easiest method to transform. This can be done any time anywhere no one will even notice. it even at work or when shopping, walking, any time you exhale totally let belly shrink inward in a moment energy will come to naval form sex center and you will feel refreshed. There are many methods this one of the simplest one. You will notice you will feel lightness if you just learn how to move energy towards naval. And keep doing so it will keep on going up towards heart from naval and that is when you will first time you will feel love wherever you go you will have wonderful love vibes around you, and everyone will feel good just meeting you just being around you. Once heart is opened it is amazing feeling of love and compassion. Sometime heart may explode suddenly too that can happen too and that can be confusing sometimes that is for some other discussion some other day. That explosion can happen when someone you love who you are attached to is leaving or you feel you have lost them, or it can happen, but it is different method and situation. 

Second method is to increase the time of sexual intercourse. 

Osho has mentioned in book sex to super consciousness To be free from sex one has to understand and experience sex in depth and method for the same is to have sex with slow breath and calmness with attention has to be focused and fixed lightly between two eyes during process of sex, if one is successful in doing so then he or she can elongate duration of sex for up to 3 hours if one is successful in doing then one can be free of sexual thoughts for entire lifetime or urges for whole life. If sex process is just 2 to 3 minutes or less, then every week based on lifestyle and environment one will feel the deep urge of sex, with current environment and content consumption we may feel that similar urges every other day. If process can be elongated over 30 minutes to 1 hour one will not be having obsessive sex desire for about one year. 

Excerpt form the book sex to super consciousness is below. 

Those who have researched sex, who have gone deeply into it, who have meditated upon life’s manifold experiences, have deduced that if coitus only lasts for one minute a man will desire it again on the next day, but if it can be prolonged for three minutes he will not think of sex for a week to come. Furthermore, they have observed that if coitus can be prolonged for seven minutes, a man will be so free of sex that no thought of passion will arise in him for the next three months. And if the period of coitus can be extended to three hours, a man will be free of sex forever; he will never desire it again!

But man’s experience is generally of a moment’s duration; it is difficult even to imagine a period of three hours. However, | reiterate: if a person can remain in the coital position, can remain in that samadhi, in that submergence for three hours, then one single act of intercourse is enough to free him from sex for the rest of his life. It leaves behind such an experience of contentment, such an experience of bliss, that it lasts a lifetime. After perfect coitus there remains no barrier to the attainment of real celibacy.

Even after a lifetime of sexual experience we never reach anywhere near that supreme stage, near that divinity. Why? A man reaches a ripe old age, comes to the end of his life, but he is never free from his lust for sex, from his passion for intercourse. Why? It is because he has never understood nor been told about the art of sex, about the science of sex. He has never considered it; he has never discussed it with the enlightened ones.

You may be skeptical that an experience that is usually of a moment’s duration can be prolonged for three hours, so | will give you certain pointers. If you heed them, the journey to celibacy will become simpler.

The faster one’s breathing is, the shorter the duration of intercourse; the calmer and slower one’s breathing is, the more it is prolonged. And the longer intercourse lasts, the more possibility there is of making sex a door to samadhi, a channel to super consciousness. As I said earlier, the realization of ego lessness, of timelessness, dawns upon man in that sex-samadhi. The breathing should be very slow. Slowness of breath will open deeper and deeper vistas of realization.

Another thing to remember during the act of intercourse is that your awareness should be focused between the eyes, in the seat of the agya chakra. If the attention is focused there, the duration of the climax can be drawn out — even up to three hours. And such an act of coitus can firmly root a person in the soil of celibacy — not only for this life but for the next life also. A lady writes to say that Vinoba is celibate and asks if | therefore don’t agree that he has probably never had an experience of samadhi. She continues to say that since | am also a celibate and unmarried, that | may not have had the experience of samadhi either. If that lady is present here | wish to tell her that neither Vinoba, nor me, nor anybody else for that matter, can realize the stage and the significance of celibacy without the real experience of sex. | also want to tell her that the experience may be of this life, or it may be of a past life. One who attains to celibacy in this life owes it to a deep coital union in a previous life and not to anything else. This is the only explanation. If a man has had a profound experience of sex in a previous life, he will be born free of sex in this life; sex will not disturb him, even in his imagination. On the contrary, he will be surprised at how other people behave about sex; he will be amazed that people are so mad for sex. Such a man will even have to exert himself to distinguish between a man and a woman.

If a person imagines he can simply be a celibate from his childhood, that he can be a celibate without any experience of sex, he will become a neurotic. Those who are always harping on celibacy, who shout about observing celibacy, are causing the disintegration of man. Nothing more than disintegration can come from this. Celibacy cannot be imposed; celibacy evolves only as the cream of inner experience. Brahmacharya, celibacy, is the result of a serene and profound experience — and that experience is of sex. If during sex one has had an absolute revelation, even once, he is released from sex for the unending journey of lives.

So far, | have discussed two factors for attaining that absolute experience: one’s breathing should be shallow, so shallow that it is almost not there at all, and one’s awareness should be focused on the agnya chakra, on the midpoint between the eyes. The more one’s awareness is focused on this center, the more profound the intercourse will automatically be. And the duration of coitus will be in direct proportion to the slowness of the breathing. And then, for the first time, you will realize that the attraction is not for intercourse as such; the magnetic pull is that of samadhi. If you can scale those heights, if you can glimpse that brilliance, it will illuminate your future path.

Excerpt form book ends here. 

Sex is DeVine if one knows how to be indulgent in orgasmic sex or else it is just good sneeze or a prescription to maintain your fucking relationship and to maintain some sanity at end of day given by your psychiatrist or psychologist. 

Sw. Prem Maitreya.