While there are more that 600 books on Osho’s discourses, preaching and life, these are the few  important and must reads. 

Tarot in the spirit of Zen – An understanding of cards to assist you with the tarot practice. The overall  topic of each card is clarified plainly. The more profound significance presented by Osho carries you to a  condition of contemplation. A wonderful read 

Love, freedom and aloneness – Osho clarifies every one of the three elements rapidly. He digs on the  need of alone time. This book makes certain to alter your points of view on aloneness, love, and  opportunity to improve things while causing you to reevaluate your considerations. He makes you an  inquiry and reexamines your thoughts and experiences. 

The Book of secrets – A book about ‘tantra’. It assists you with joining every one of your encounters for a  higher reason in your life. With 112 useful methods, this book makes certain to assist you with disclosing  reality and change your view of life. 

Courage, the joy of living dangerously – Osho utilizes strength and sound judgment to ask the perusers  not to hold tight to circumstances. All things being equal, he welcomes them to investigate them as  promising circumstances. It empowers taking risks throughout everyday life, thus a fundamental  perusing for all. 

Tantra, the supreme understanding – The tantra is reflective and associates you with what is  fundamental. It contains talks on the tune of Mahamudra of Tilopa. This book gives you an extraordinary  viewpoint to assist you with making every second count. It is probably the best nourishment ‘ food for  the soul’ books. 

The Book of women – With his points of view about ladies, Osho attempts to break down into both the  sexes. Enlightening and philosophical lessons are shrouded in the 13 sections. Addressing the different  parts of female life, Osho has effectively caught the inconspicuous and benevolent existence of a lady in  this work. 

Being in love – Get acquainted with a more significant, all the more genuine, and more critical idea of  adoration. It is a record to support genuine romance. Osho utilizes basic and short sentences that are  not difficult to get a handle on. He is the highest level of communicator that lets you know how to  cherish. 

Blue meditation book – This makes certain to assist you take a gander at yourself with an alternate point  of view and comprehend that all progressions start with you. Osho urges you to go off the deep end  before contemplation. With the brief tales to interest the perusers, this is the ‘start to finish’ of  contemplation 

Learning to silence the mind: wellness through meditation – Meditation isn’t about hesitance yet  mindfulness. This book stirs your insight and quiets your brain. Additionally, gain proficiency with the  contrast among Dhyan and contemplation. This book is the way to free your brain. 

Books I have loved – Osho discusses the books he cherished. This is more similar to a discussion with  Osho. He picked a few chosen books from the 150,000+ books he had perused as long as he can  remember. He offers experiences just as analysis on them.

Intuition: knowing beyond knowledge – One of the subjects that reverberate to you in the wake of  perusing this is free yourself from the shackles of the convictions instilled throughout the long term.  Osho guides the perusers on how instinct functions and how it can’t be clarified. One of the most  entering, functional, and novel books an individual will at any point run over. 

Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance – Osho desires to watch and observe one’s activities. He  additionally urges us to be ready, mindful, and experience the occasion. This pick is for somebody who  needs to comprehend the motivation behind intervention and of life itself completely. 

Freedom: The Courage to Be Yourself – This is a book that gives you explanation about freedom. It  acquaints you with new ideas about adoration, marriage, family, and opportunity. Opportunity doesn’t  mean being lighthearted however assuming liability for yourself. It is a manual with the expectation of  complimentary yourself, in any event, when others are attempting to oppress you. 

The Book of Wisdom – This book jumps further into contemplation. Jump into Osho’s comprehension of  contemplation to foster your insight into reflection. With the clever inquiry and replies between his  companions and Osho himself, this book is for somebody intrigued by reflection. 

Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic – This title is loaded with bits of knowledge on god and  life, alongside Osho’s encounters. A brief look into his essence will help you in better understanding his  proclaiming. Additionally, find out with regards to his general vision to share one religion: science: of  glimpsing inside. 

Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within – Inventiveness is ruined by things, for example, a brain loaded  with contemplations. Osho causes you to get what genuine inventiveness is. Osho welcomes  shrewdness on inventiveness and furthermore clarifies how it should come from your internal center of  awareness. 

The Book of Understanding: Creating Your Path to Freedom – The book lets you know how to remain  consistent with yourself and how to build up your free personality. It moves you to check out everything  recently, by addressing all that you were instructed to accept. An unquestionable requirement read for  getting yourself and society. 

Emotional Wellness: Transforming Fear, Anger, and Jealousy Into Creative Energy – This book assists  you with getting into the underlying foundations of your negative considerations and use them to  become imaginative. It is more similar to an aide that will assist you with dealing with your feelings. This  is an incredible way of tracking down your internal identity. 

Joy: The Happiness That Comes from Within – Each section of this work is a festival that will make you  liberated from all the inebriation by society. It will assist you with being cheerful from inside. Partake in  a resurrection through this great read cum experience. 

Hidden Mysteries – The targets behind different social conventions like wearing malas, orange robes,  and bindi, are uncovered in this title. Various traditions and secrets are unraveled. This book is an  unquestionable requirement perused with the disclosure of the old mysteries and new certainties about  the sacrosanct spots of journey. 

Other books by Osho are, 

Yoga, the science of the soul 

The Empty Boat: Talks on the Stories of Chuang Tzu 

‘The Art of Living and Dying: Celebrating Life and Celebrating Death 

The Book of Man 

Freedom from Illusion: The Book of Ego 

Conclusion – He believed that the truth cannot be told but can be awakened. He reasoned that whatever  he preached was based on his life. These best books by Osho will surely lead you to a path of happiness  and peace. It may differ for other individuals. Hence, he urged people to implement the preaching and  find their own truth.