Normally there are two states of lovers. One who wants love and a Second who wants to share the love.

Both suffer. 

Givers suffer because he or she is unaware. Because you want to give and you don’t have enough, you want to give and there is no one to receive or take it. 

When we want to give and we don’t have anyone to share with we feel burdened, we feel sad. Another time giver suffers when he wants to give but dose not have enough or know the source of where to find it. Giver also suffers when he or she gives and does not get anything in return. If one insists to give they will overwhelm the other. Like river quenches thirst but if river forces it self out of its banks to your home it will destroy your home and it floods hurting you.  

The receiver suffers because the receiver does not have capacity to handle he feels overwhelmed or suffocated. 

The receiver needs to be able to handle and increase capacity and also learn to give and share as love as it is like a delicate flower.  

Yes, there is a way to be in love and not have to suffer.

The giver needs to learn to give without conditions like flower shares its fragrance. The giver needs to learn to express love in new ways, develop compassion and patience. Giver too should find sources of love within so one does not feel drained. Once found the source giver just needs to learn art of sharing without conditions, unaddressed let it flow if no one is there just to existence. Be grateful to the find some to take and not try to force the giving or else it will be too violent. 

The receiver needs to be open and be able to handle and should be aware of where is the love coming from and also should find source of love within himself or herself or else he will suffer with giver is not there. 

In a love relationship, most of us are demanding from the other because first glimpses of love do come from the other. It is through the eyes others where we see our godly nature. In heart of our beloved, we see we are more than an accident on this planet. We are adding some meaning to this existence, in the presence of beloved we feel we are completing some destiny, but remember this is just the beginning. We just get stuck with the object of our love ( beloved) in case of relationship. There is an exchange in beginning but people change, situations change, circumstances change but once we experienced something from the beloved we want more. We just forget that it ( love ) was there, it came on its own accord and now when you don’t feel it learn to move on grace fully be grateful to the one in whose presence you felt this space of love. Slowly become aware of this space within so we can become flower that radiates this fragrance we call love. 

I am grateful you read this and allowed me to unburden my love for you . Pranam. Sw. Atma Paritosh. Lots of love and grace for you and these entire existence.