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Meditation is an art of doing nothing

Discover the amazing power of this Meditation.

Osho universal is dedicated to the science of meditation and techniques Osho created. Millions have benefited and are benefiting from meditation techniques to live a stress-free and joyful life.

Osho universal has the vision to attract like-minded people to meditate together. Meditations are secular in nature and open to everyone from all walks of life.

Osho's Meditation Techniques

Discover Osho's Meditation Techniques that quickly reduce stress and make meditation effortless. Finally, get out of your rut, restore your vibrance, and live your best life.

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Osho Neo Sannyas

You will find a selection of quotes from Osho on Neo-Sannyas

Osho Therapy

Osho's meditational therapies are scientifically designed for modern-day men

Meditation Mentor

Are you new to meditation, and looking to learn how to meditate?

What people are saying about us

I had a great experience learning to meditate with Sw. Atma Paritosh, they are both welcoming, knowledgeable, and supportive. Meditation is a valuable part of my life, giving me new levels of clarity, energy and calmness

Olivia Hamel


I'm so pleased I did Osho's course and am now a meditator! I feel so much better and my headaches and anxiety have definitely eased. It's so easy and now part of my everyday life.

Phillip Mertz

Investment Manager

I highly recommend Osho Universal. It has made a huge difference in my day-to-day life. I feel more patient, more organized, more flexible, and more resilient. I procrastinate a lot less and don’t seem to run after time as much as I used to.

Elvira Siebert


Invite Sw. Prem Maitreya to your place

Have spent time with many teachers and gurus. Have firsthand experience of how these techniques can help an individual live life in the modern world.

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Osho Universal

Osho Neo Sannyas

Looking at life from the standpoint of self-ignorance is Sansar, the world. Looking at life from the standpoint of self-knowing is sannyas.

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